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One View. All existing projects across 10 modules.
Prioritise resources, activities and tasks. Integrate Email and MS Excel.
Important benefits for the organization:
  • One view on all existing projects.
  • Company project methodology is maintained, all projects are conform pmProjectTeam is web based.
  • Full integration with Email and MS Excel.
Important benefits for the project manager:
  • Drive and prioritize activities, issues, tasks, risks, resources,..
  • A uniform view on all to do items and outstanding activities aligns team and unit members.
  • Customized indicators and alerts guide team members to execute the relevant tasks and react on exception conditions.
  • Reports showing project evolution, time usage, risk mitigation,..
  • Root Cause analysis helps you to understand the underlying reasons why indicators are yellow or red.
  • Connectivity to any external data source or business application.